“I recently received my email reminder for my annual eye test from Croft and Graves and it made me reflect on how lucky we are to have such a fantastic opticians service in the village. Not only do they have friendly and efficient staff who are extremely helpful they also have the latest hi-tech equipment to provide a thorough examination. If I ever have any issues with my glasses I can simply pop in and they are sorted out with a smile every time. I have had my last pair for 5 years now and without the care and attention from the Croft and Graves team, I don’t think they would have been so long lasting at all. I am confident that the service I receive on every visit helps to maintain my eye health which is very important as I get older and I really feel privileged to have access to this in Corbridge.”

Terry Dunn 

"I really feel privileged to have access to this in Corbridge"

Best glasses I’ve ever had. I put them on and drove in them straight away (First time Varifocals).

Mrs. B.

I wish to relate a story which illustrates why you should use such an excellent service. My 92 year old father-in-law tried to save money by using a high street optician that gave free annual check-ups. Although they detected something wrong with his eyesight, nothing was done about it. The deterioration got so great that we made him go to Croft and Graves. They diagnosed macular degeneration. It had gone too far in one eye but in their prompt action in referring him to the RVI Eye Clinic, the degeneration in his left eye has been stabilised. If he had gone to Croft and Graves from the start, the sight might have been saved in both eyes. A strong reason to only go to the best where eyes are involved.

Mr. D.

My family having been using Croft and Graves for many years, we would not go to anyone else. The care they show and the quality of service means that we are confident that our eyes are well looked after, particularly in these days when so many defects and illnesses can be caught in their early stages with improved outcomes. Only recently has research shown that monitoring the blood vessels of the retina can help in identifying potential victims of strokes. It is likely in the future that other brain disorders may be spotted by competent optometrists. This leads us to another reason why we stick with Croft and Graves. They have never failed, despite great expense, to keep up with modern technology and have the latest equipment with which to care for the eyes.

Brilliant Service – feel so well looked after! Completely professional, caring and thorough at all times – very good advice on looking after eyes, choice of glasses. Could not have been more pleased!

When it comes to eye care, I am confident that I and family are receiving the best advice available to us. At Croft and Graves you are greeted with a friendly local, personalised service. Annual monitoring of our eyes has shown us the importance of our regular eye examinations and follows up care with the excellent support staff also the fantastic new selection of frames on display is a real “eye-catcher!” I can safely say and SEE that my family’s eye care is in safe hands for the future. Thanks again.

Ed, Caron, Adam & Grace, Edmundbyers

I cannot praise highly enough, both the standard of care and also the friendliness and professionalism of all the staff.


I cannot speak highly enough of the customer care and service which I have received. Having been partially sighted in one eye since childhood, I am very particular in selecting quality products and I have found the range offered to be excellent at a realistic price. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Croft and Graves to anyone looking forward for professional optical care and services.


My family and I have always received excellent care and attention from the very friendly and highly professional staff.