Eye care services are classified as an essential service, so we will continue to offer eyecare appointments. We are currently triaging all clients and are prioritising those who feel they are experiencing problems with their vision. Clients can be reassured that we are operating under strict hygiene measures. If you feel that your eyecare needs are essential, and you would rather not delay, please call us on 01434 632289 or email

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Corporate Eyecare

At Croft and Graves Optometrists, we understand the importance to your business of maintaining the eye health of your employees. We offer a range of benefits to employees should you opt to utilise our Corporate Eye Care Scheme.

Why does our company need corporate eyecare?

All businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure the welfare of their employees. We will support your business in meeting the legal requirements for employees who are VDU users, (as defined under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992; amendment Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002) and who require safety glasses.

Our Corporate Eye Care Scheme is designed for employees who have been referred by the employer, in the first instance.

Your staff benefit from:

  • The Advanced eye examination which includes a comprehensive eye examination that includes an OCT scan . The OCT scanner uses the latest technology to examine the retina, which enables us to pick up eye abnormalities and diseases earlier than using standard equipment during an NHS examination. This usually gives a much better prognosis for treatment. As well as being beneficial to your employees, the earlier detection of eye disease may also benefit your business as there would be less chance of long term sickness due to any visual loss.
  • 15% discount on spectacles
  • Option to choose from a wider selection of frames and off-set the cost from the employer’s contribution
  • Longer appointment times
  • Late evening opening for after work convenience

Your business benefits from:

    • Private sight test at a reduced rate (normally £59). As a Corporate Member the cost to your business is £35
    • Reduced rates for glasses for VDU use only (as set out under DSE regulations)
    • Assurance that your business is being supported by a well-established and respected local independent optical practice.

Is your business in the Industrial Sector?

There are potential risks to your eyes, when working in any sort of industrial environment – dust, fragments of metal, sparks from machinery and so on.

At Croft and Graves Optometrists, we provide a range of safety and industrial spectacles which fully confirm to the BS EN166 specifications. This safety eyewear ensures that your staff benefit from eyewear which is designed to protect the eyes. Safety glasses can be supplied with prescription lenses and come in different options.

Are your staff driving on the road for the job?

If so, your employees and business can benefit from the Croft & Graves Optometrists Corporate Eye Care Scheme. It’s an easy way to safeguard the vision and wellbeing of your employees. At Croft and Graves, we can provide employees with specifically designed lenses suited for driving, supplied by world class lens manufacturer, Hoya.

Company Eyecare Vouchers

We accept eyecare scheme vouchers from the following schemes:

      • Eyecare Plans Corporate Eyecare (ASE Corporate Eyecare Ltd)
      • Edenred Eye Care vouchers
      • Accor Services

Want to find out more about the Croft and Graves Corporate Eye Care Scheme?

If you are an employer and would like to discuss the Corporate Eye Care Scheme, please call us on 01434 632289 or email us at


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