Eye care services are classified as an essential service, so we will continue to offer eyecare appointments. We are currently triaging all clients and are prioritising those who feel they are experiencing problems with their vision. Clients can be reassured that we are operating under strict hygiene measures. If you feel that your eyecare needs are essential, and you would rather not delay, please call us on 01434 632289 or email

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Contact Lenses

If you’re nervous about trying contact lenses, have been put off by a bad experience, or are worried that they won’t fit your prescription, we’re here to put your mind at rest.

Contact lenses are more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Their wide field of view makes them the ideal solution for anyone seeking freedom from their glasses.

As an independent optician, we are not tied to supplying one type of lens. We will find the right contact lenses for your eyes, giving you the best fit at great value.

Most of our clients find trying contact lenses a liberating experience. Our expert team of optometrists each have over 20 years’ experience in fitting all types of contact lenses, so if you’re interested in finding out more, you can request a trial appointment and experience the benefits for yourself.

Once you and your optometrist have selected the best fitting lenses we’ll order in your first batch.

Contact Lens Aftercare Plan

Our comprehensive care plans make contact lenses and aftercare even more affordable.  They help you to keep track of your eye health with regular monitoring and also offer discounts on eyewear.

The plan includes:

  • Free contact lens after care appointments
  • Free emergency / unscheduled visits
  • 20% discount on all pairs of glasses and sunglasses
  • 10% discount on contact lens solutions
  • Convenient monthly direct debit payment

Why do I need aftercare?

Our aftercare package helps keep your contact lenses affordable. It ensures that you get the best out of your contact lenses with regular reviews to check your prescription, monitor your eye health and have an opportunity to try some of the newest contact lenses launched on the market.


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