Eye care services are classified as an essential service, so we will continue to offer appointments during this second lockdown. We are currently triaging all clients and are prioritising those who feel they are experiencing problems with their vision. Lockdown rules allow for individuals to attend eyecare appointments and clients can be reassured that we are operating under strict hygiene measures. If you feel that your eyecare needs are essential, and you would rather not delay until after lockdown, please call us on 01434 632289 or email

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In Myopia (short sightedness), the eye is longer than normal or the cornea is too steep, so that light rays focus in front of the retina. Near objects are clear, but distant objects appear blurred. For the most part, this is an inconvenience considering how frustrating it can be to be dependent on contact lenses or spectacles. In addition, eyes with a high degree of Myopia are at an increased risk of developing a serious condition like retinal detachment or glaucoma.


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