Don’t let itchy eyes ruin your summer

At last a hint of summer after the never ending winter we had! Unfortunately this means for some of us itchy/scratchy eyes because hay fever is here. This often means time to start the antihistamines and pop to the chemist to buy some drops. Traditional eyedrops are usually  a drug called Sodium Cromoglycate, they can take … Continue reading “Don’t let itchy eyes ruin your summer”

Forty and four eyes-getting to grips with wearing glasses

Convinced that the journal has made its print size smaller, can’t read the text messages on your phone, or having to hold things up to the light to read ? If you are in your forties you may well have noticed that reading is becoming more difficult.  After a spell of time screwing our eyes … Continue reading “Forty and four eyes-getting to grips with wearing glasses”

3D Films

The 3D experience, while not essential to all Hollywood blockbusters, can be something that elevates what would have been just another theatrical experience, into something truly spectacular. 2018 is set to be a great year for 3D movies, and already it is the norm for 3D glasses to be offered with some cinema tickets. For … Continue reading “3D Films”

Prescription Swimming Goggles for Children

Have you considered what it would be like to run around a swimming pool, jump in the water and swim around whilst everything around you is blurred? For children who need to wear glasses, this can have a serious impact on their confidence and enjoyment, as well as having safety implications. Swimming goggles are available … Continue reading “Prescription Swimming Goggles for Children”

Eye care story

For many years, I had suffered from debilitating headaches,  which saw me crawling on the floor in pain.  Visits to the GP surgery and to my former optician showed no cause. It was only when  moved to Northumberland and had my first eye examination at , that the reason became manifest. The thoroughly professional eye … Continue reading “Eye care story”

Sports Eyewear for Kids

In all impact sports there is the potential for injury, and eyes are particularly vulnerable. Children tend to be more fearless than adults and lack the experience to anticipate and deal with hazardous situations. For all children, particularly those who need to wear their spectacles for sports, there is increasing awareness of the need for … Continue reading “Sports Eyewear for Kids”