Important information regarding COVID-19

Important information for all patients and customers at Croft and Graves. Please read:
It is business as usual at Croft and Graves; here’s what we are doing….
We have always had stringent infection control measures in our practice and this is to reassure all our clients.
We have always cleaned equipment between patients and where the equipment allows for disposables e.g chin rest, we have always used disposable chin rest papers.
Appropriate hand hygiene has always been practiced by staff and we have introduced alcohol based antibacterial hand gels in waiting rooms.
Our surfaces are being cleaned regularly
For your reassurance, our optometrist wears an approved face mask when carrying out examinations.
As a team we are here to look after each other and our clients and we are reviewing our procedures every day.
What you can do to help:
If you know that you may have been exposed, been to affected areas, or come into contact with someone who might have contracted COVID 19, please follow guidelines and help us protect our clients and our staff.
Thank you for continuing to support us and other local businesses.